Plotting a novel…

I hear a lot from aspiring authors who want to publish a book or a story. There’s debate over pantsing and plotting to no end. I started writing creatively when I was a teenager. I took breaks on and off, took classes in college, read blog posts, talked to other writers, but nothing ever worked until I figured out what worked for me.

Plotting, but not detail plotting.

My first novel I pantsed. I had no idea where I was going one chapter from the next. I finished it, but trust me, I learned the hard way, plotting for me is the way to go. I try to keep it simple and not over plot. I am not the kind of writer who has every minute detail figured out before I go into a writing a book.

No, I write 1-3 sentences per scene, 1-3 (typically 2) scenes per chapter, beginning to end. I just go with the flow for the rest, and yes, before you ask, my plots often change as I get into the nitty gritty of writing. I adjust and go on from there.

There is also another reason I plot. I’m a pretty prolific writer. I am more prolific if I plot. I don’t get stuck in a scene or in a book if I know where it’s going. It also means I can plot one book while writing another, which keeps everything in my little schedule moving right along.

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I'm an author, a writer, a theologian, a cat-lady, and a crazy person! I'm a mom, a spouse, a creative-jiver, and sometime musician.

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