This is the beast no one wants to really think about, is it? Most writers I know aren’t in this to make a boat load of money. They want to write for the pleasure of writing. It’s how it starts for all of us. But it’s so disappointing when our books don’t sell.

There’s a reason why this website and my social media have all been set up a year prior to the release of my first book. It’s not because I need a year to write it or because I haven’t written it yet (which, actually I haven’t at the time of this). It’s because I’m developing a very detailed marketing plan.

I want this book, this product I’m creating, to earn me some cash. This is a topic we tend to avoid in the writing industry a lot. We don’t like to talk about our earnings. There’s also a million and one methods out there of “Do it this way, you’ll earn six figures in a year!” Which I never find those to actually work.

I’ve been in the publishing industry since 2013, and for all those years (it’s 2021 now), I haven’t had a clue what I was doing. In those 8 years, the publishing industry has shifted fast. The dawn of the ebook, self-publishing, kindle unlimited. It’s exploding, and so marketing has changed a whole lot during that time.

My best advice to you is if you want to earn money (even a small amount) from your books is to have a plan when you go into publishing, do it right, and realize publishing is a long term game. You most likely will not be earning six figures in a year, but in five or six years? Maybe. Nothing is impossible. Have a plan, adjust when necessary, and move forward.

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I'm an author, a writer, a theologian, a cat-lady, and a crazy person! I'm a mom, a spouse, a creative-jiver, and sometime musician.

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