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Talking with many aspiring authors is always an adventure. One of the biggest questions they ask is, “What about writer’s block?”

I have news…I don’t believe in writer’s block. At all.

I’ve always firmly held that in order for inspiration to come, you have to send an invitation, otherwise it doesn’t even know you’re waiting for it to show up. For me that means setting special time to write, and for me, that means setting a pretty specific schedule of when I will be writing and what I will be writing.

As a mom of two small children, a spouse, a full-time employee, and someone who has a life, if I don’t schedule in the time to write, it will never happen. That’s how I ended up taking four years off after the birth of my son. Life got in the way, and I let it. I stopped inviting inspiration, and more importantly, I stopped talking to inspiration.

Set a schedule. If you can only write for an hour a day? Do it. Thirty minutes? Do it. Personally, I write two hours before anyone else wakes up in the house and two hours in the afternoon before everyone gets home. Rarely do I write on weekends. I’ll catch hours here and there as I go, but this is what works for me. Find what works for you, and then send inspiration that invitation.

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I'm an author, a writer, a theologian, a cat-lady, and a crazy person! I'm a mom, a spouse, a creative-jiver, and sometime musician.

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